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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is your product shipped to your country?
A: Right now our products are shipped worldwide from China, surely including your country. Just order it on our website:

Q: How much will shipping fee and Tax be charged?
A: There's no shipping fee and tax charged in your purchase. Totally for free. 

Q: How can I purchase the products?
A: 1, Visit our website:
2, Place the order on what you like and clik buy now.
3, fill in the shipping information including full name, phone number, receiving address.
4, Pay it via Paypal.
5, Once finished, we will ship the item within 3 business days.

Q: What payment method do you accept?
A: Right now we only support pay via paypal. More payment method will be open soon. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Q: How can I purchase the products shown on Youtube videos?
A: First, watch the video on Youtube Channel @Myhomelover. Secondly, check the description of the product video, there may be a product link. Thirdly, click the product link and order it directly.

By the way, you can purchase them directly on our store:

Q: Any discount codes or promotion we can use for purchases?
Yes, sure. Right now we're offering 20% off for all products on our website:
Secondly, if your purchases are more than $50, then the final price will be automatically reduced by 30%($15).

Q: How much is the product in other currencies except US dollars?
A: Yes, we ship the product worldwide. So you can change the currency you use in local place in the RIGHT TOP.
Q: How can I change the languge?
A: I don't read it in English. That is not a problem at all. You can change the language you want in the right top corner.

Q: How can I learn more except product information provided on website?
A:  Yes, sure.
First, Feel free to contact us at [email protected] 
Secondly, Message us on Messenger to get instant reply at the right buttom.